Who is Stefania Pellicci?

Perhaps the best way to tell you who we are is to do so by talking about the person Stefania rather than about her entrepreneurial figure.

The logo represents the portrait of the stylist Stefania through a window pane, the moment in which the passion for fashion moves her desire to realize that dream, a still image of an important moment in her life .... life itself is made up of moments, of moments that contain the possibility of changing one's destiny.

From a young age Stefania has always had the passion for embroidery transmitted by her mother who spun clothes for relatives and friends at a time when large-scale distribution was still not present in Italy and people dressed themselves. Passion that comes from the game of a young girl who, helping her mother, enjoys personalizing everything with embroidery, making those clothes her own canvas for her designs.

However, it was the shoes that transformed a simple passion into love, the possibility of giving character and personality to footwear, through a stiletto heel that expressed femininity, a desire for change and women's emancipation.

Shoes are the expression of the personality of the wearer and this is the thought on which Stefania's brand and entrepreneurial idea is based, still carrying on this concept with great passion today, always trying to make the right footwear for the right woman.

How are our shoes made?

We start from the choice of materials, looking for manufacturing excellence in the area. The designer personally takes care to select the best Italian leathers, Swarovski accessories for the maximum shine of the stones, always avoiding the use of commercial materials. We like the idea of ‚Äč‚Äčthinking that the shoes that take shape in our hands have 48/72 hours of work and the final result is a unique shoe for each pair of foot, a product that has the value of manufacturing and not of the brand. , a way to go beyond fashion but towards your desires.

All made of genuine leather, natural leather sole, insole entirely padded with natural and breathable materials (latex foam) that favor foot well-being and comfort even after hours of being worn, Swarovski accessories sewn and applied by hand.

Creating rare, unique and unobtainable footwear, avoiding mass production, not caring for the needs of many but taking care to fulfill the wishes of a few. A company that wants to specialize in online sales that makes the world its stage.
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