Stefania Pellicci

History of a Brand

Our maison has been on the market of women's footwear for over 30 years and our business philosophy has always been centered on quality and top quality materials, 100% made ​​in Italy.

Stefania Pellicci


The distinctive element of the brand Stefania Pellicci is our passion for crystal. For this reason our shoes combine top quality made ​​in Italy craftsmanship with pure Swarovski crystal.
These stones, synonymous with purity and seduction, turn Stefania Pellicci shoes into works of art that enhance the charm and elegance of every woman.


Made in Italy

Following the tradition of best Italian fashion, Stefania Pellicci produces trendy footwear that combine high end design with craftsman's attention to the smallest detail. The shoes are made with 100% Italian materials treated with care and passion according to the tradition of our family.
Each element is in fact handmade and unique. The design of the shoe, original and stylish, follows the world-famous Italian tradition of elegance and modernity.

Stefania Pellicci