Who is Stefania Pellicci?

The "Stefania Pellicci" brand was born in 1983 in Pescia, a small village of medieval origin, located in the center of Tuscany a few steps from Florence, since the Middle Ages this small town was known for its craftsmen who skillfully and skilfully produced leathers and footwear. .

In 1983 the world of Made in Italy fashion was in full expansion and continuous evolution, Stefania decides to enter this world distinguishing herself from all the others, estranging herself from the concepts of mass production, thus producing handmade footwear, all unique pieces, where the concepts of quality are expressed by the manual skills of expert craftsmen and by first choice materials such as Italian leathers and Swarovski accessories.

Our products

Not just shoes, but emotions that come from the hands and minds of us artisans. Every single shoe
it is handmade and customized to meet every need of our customers.

Our shoes are made entirely within our company under the direct supervision of the stylist who takes care of their style and quality.
Each shoe contains over 48 hours of manual work and the same time for finishing.

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